Check out a friend’s blog

Anarchist Reverend is run by Shay, an internet friend of mine who is a third-year student at Union Theological Seminary in New York. Shay is a married transsexual man and, among other things, is planning to discuss issues related to trans and theology. I’m really looking forward to seeing what he comes up with, as this is an area with which I have very little familiarity.

I have to ask that if you do go to his site you treat him with respect. He does not intend to spend the bulk of his time making arguments for transsexuality in a Christian context; rather, he assumes it as a part of his identity. Please don’t go to his site from this link to argue about whether or not it’s “appropriate” to be trans and Christian. I do believe he has resources to recommend if you have questions about it, so check it out. Since I’m not very familiar with this area I have to admit I don’t have my theological ducks in a row with regards to trans and theology matters – but I believe strongly that every person is created in God’s image and therefore that image demands that we treat the person with dignity and respect. Part of that for me is taking a person’s self-identity at face value, instead of thinking that s/he should be something other than how s/he presents her/his self to me. The formation of identity is a complex process that is (I believe) never fully completed as long as one is alive, and it is something that first and foremost occurs in relationship between God and the person.

In my interaction with him, I have found Shay to be most articulate and thoughtful, as well as passionate about the relationship between his faith and his identity. I hope you will be enriched by hearing his thoughts.