Seminar at Cornerstone Fest 2009

Once again I am presenting a seminar at the Cornerstone Festival. This one is less focused on theology and politics per se, but the topic could definitely be considered related.

Description: “The (Home)Coming of God: Homemaking as paradigm for postmodern ministry.” Exploring Biblical themes of covenant, land, and exile to articulate a theology of mission in the midst of a “homeless” culture.

My topic is strongly influenced by Brian Walsh and Steven Bouma-Prediger’s Beyond Homelessness: Christian Faith in a Culture of Displacement, which I consider to be one of the most important books published in the last couple of years.

If you’re going to be at Cornerstone, try and come by! There are a lot of great presenters this year, including Tony Jones and Phyllis Tickle, and a lot of important topics being discussed. Homelessness seems to be kind of a theme, though I promise we didn’t get together beforehand to arrange that!



Greetings from Nashville

I’ve just realized I’m going to have to accept the fact that computer problems are apparently a way of life for me. My wireless adapter broke, so I had to replace that, and then my cat chewed through the cord on my power source so I’m waiting for that to get shipped.

In happier news, I’m at the national Food Not Bombs gathering in Nashville, Tennessee trying to wake up my brain after only getting about 2 hours of sleep last night before the two sessions I’m presenting today. At noon I’m presenting “Anarchy at the Fringes of Capitalism: The visibility of anarchism and the ‘Hot Topic phenomenon'”, and at one I’m doing a presentation about Christianity and anarchism. I’ll try at some point in the near future to adapt my notes from the first presentation into a bloggable form to share it with y’all. In many ways it’s an expansion of past musings on what I called the “Hot Topic phenomenon” in a past blog post, that is to say the tendency of capitalism to appropriate artifacts from the fringes of society, create niche markets, and ultimately incorporate the products that make up the niche market into the mainstream. The main thrust is asking the question of how we are to engage those on the fringes of radical movements in order to authentically radicalize them, not to co-opt them and make them like us – instead, creating movements that grow from the needs of particular groups of people in concrete situations.

That’s all I have going on today, hopefully I’ll get my computer situation figured out soon so as to get back into a semi-regular blogging rhythm again.

article published in Catapult

My article, “Anarchism and Hope“, has just been published in Catapult Magazine, a bi-weekly online publication that’s been creating themed issues for over 5 years with a goal of creating community around holistic Christian faith practice. The current issue theme is “Hope and Cynicism“, and was inspired by the Cynicism and Hope conference at which I presented in early November.

I will probably be writing more for the magazine in the future, and if so I’ll mention it here as well.

where I’ve been

I’m sorry I’ve let off my blogging pace from the past couple of weeks – I really do enjoy writing more and getting out my thoughts through this outlet, and I also enjoy the increased blog hits that seem to come with more writing.

Over the past couple of days I’ve been working on an article for the online magazine Catapult for their upcoming issue, which is centered on the topics discussed earlier this month at the Cynicism and Hope conference. I wrote an article that is largely a shortened form of my presentation from the conference, though I did add some original material. I’ve heard rumors that there may be other publishing opportunities in the future related to the conference, so I’ll keep you updated if anything further comes from that.

I’ve also been plugging away at the “Anarchism, Christianity, and the Prophetic Imagination” series over at Jesus Manifesto, so there’s been lots of writing going on – just not here for the past couple of days. I’m hoping this week to write some more on my What Would Jesus Deconstruct? series as well.

I’m hoping to get more content up here tomorrow, so stay tuned!

First post at Jesus Manifesto

My first post as a co-author of the Jesus Manifesto blog went live this morning. It’s a meditation on Ecclesiastes, “meaninglessness”, and the nature of empire.

There’s some really great stuff being written over there, so please go and check it out. In a couple of days I will be starting a series related to my presentation at the Cynicism and Hope conference a couple of weeks ago called “Anarchism, Christianity, and the Prophetic Imagination”. An audio recording of my session will be available on the conference web site, if it isn’t already.

Also if you are the praying type I would appreciate your prayers. This week the Institute for Christian Studies in Toronto is reviewing my application for their MA in philosophy program, so I’m a bit nervous and excited at the same time.


Cynicism and Hope conference flyer

Download one for yourself, print it off and put it in a local coffee shop, and email it to all your friends!

Cynicism and Hope conference flyer

Cynicism and Hope conference

I have just been asked to conduct a workshop at at the Cynicism and Hope conference in Evanston, Illinois in November.

The info:

“Cynicism and Hope: Reclaiming Discipleship in a Post-Democratic Society”
November 2-3
Reba Place Church (directions)
Cost is $30, though a reduced rate of $20 is available for those with need. They are also looking for people who have the means to contribute an extra $10 with their registration to help provide for the reduced rate.

The working title for my workshop is “Anarchism, Christianity, and the Prophetic Imagination”. I’ll probably use threads from prophetic despair texts such as Elijah after Mount Carmel, Lamentations, and then maybe some stuff from Ecclesiastes (though I can see Ecclesiastes being a pretty popular book at this conference, so we’ll see about that).

The conference is sponsored by Reba Place Church, Reba Place Fellowship, Living Water Community Church, Mennonite Central Committee Great Lakes, Seniors for Peace, and the Anabaptist Network.