One of the best blog articles I’ve read in awhile

“Check my what?” On privilege and what we can do about it

One of the things for which I pray daily is that God will denaturalize me from my “whiteness” (as well as maleness and middle-class-ness and other lenses through which I see the world) and allow me to see the way I see the world as just that – the way I see the world, and not the normative, objective lens through which everyone should see the world. This article is an excellent resource on the concept of privilege and how to move from thoughts about equality to actually attempting to practice it.

An excerpt I need to read again and again:

For the most part, I believe that all human beings have the best of intentions. Most of us don’t go about our days seeking to hurt people with words or actions. But, the result of our actions can be that it causes hurt/offense to others. So, while malicious intent may add icing to the cake, it does not dictate whether or not an offense has been made. “That wasn’t my intent,” all too often translates into “your reactions to what I did are invalid because I didn’t mean any harm.” The result is that it’s a defensive reaction that silences discussion on the issue and puts the words/actions above criticism. It, in essence, privileges the sayer/doer’s opinion/feelings over that of the minority person or group that they have offended.