Internet cut in Myanmar, blogger presses on – from CNN

Internet cut in Myanmar, blogger presses on –

From the story: According to The Associated Press, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown said Friday he believes the loss of life in Myanmar has been “far greater” than is being reported.

A Burgundy Revolution? – Time

While the official government-released death toll is 9, witness claim as many as 35 bodies from yesterday’s action lying in the streets. AP reported the possibility of 200 or more dead.


Protests in Burma

Here is a little tid bit from democracy now about whats going on in Burma

Burmese Troops Shoot at Protesters
The military junta in Burma is intensifying its two-day crackdown on the most vocal popular uprising against its rule in nearly two decades. Up to eight people have been killed over the last two days. There are now late-breaking reports Burmese troops have opened fired on a crowd of thousands assembled in central Rangoon. Military forces have also raided several monasteries, arresting an estimated five hundred monks. On Wednesday, British ambassador Mark Canning described the scene on the streets.

    British ambassador Mark Canning:“There were a series of arrests over night of pro-democracy activists. A curfew has been announced from dusk to dawn starting this evening. And I think the question then was whether all these measures would intimidate people into not marching as they have been for the last eight days. And I think the answer is that it did not. There have been many thousands of people out on the streets again.”

Meanwhile the exiled Burmese opposition leader Sein Win called for more international pressure on the junta.

    Sein Win: “The military always don’t want to talk with others. This is their way, you know. They always did it like that, in 1988, and before ’88 also. They never negotiate. They look at this as a kind of military operation, this is not a military operation, it is a political demonstration.”
    It finally seems like the U.S. may back a decent cause with their military power.  I tend to be pessimistic about this, but I hope that those that do have this power can use it for the betterment of this nation.