apology (again)

I know I haven’t posted anything for quite some time now and I’m very sorry.  I have a lot going on upstairs, particularly some thoughts on postmodern issues and new monasticism, as well as some reactions to a couple of books I’ve read lately.  I’ve been a bit depressed for several weeks, probably directly related to the fact that I’m currently working the overnight shift at the Starbucks at which I am employed (and, having read my journal and my thoughts on capitalism and whatnot you probably have a pretty good idea about how I feel about working at Starbucks in general, let alone working the third shift specifically, which pretty much takes me out of contact with most of the rest of the world, even on my days off ’cause I have to maintain my sleep schedule or else it will kill me when I go back to work) and that at Starbucks I don’t make enough money really to get by.  So needless to say I’m really looking forward to next semester when my financial aid should come through.

The other issue is that I’m a grad student and I’m busy as heck.  I have short papers due the next 3 weeks and then a 20-pager due the next in one class, and between now and the end of the month a 10-page, 5-page, and 20-page due in the other plus a 15-minute presentation.  It wouldn’t be so bad, I love what I’m doing, but this third shift thing just sucks out all my energy.

So for those of you who pray, prayers would be awesome.