Internet cut in Myanmar, blogger presses on – from CNN

Internet cut in Myanmar, blogger presses on –

From the story: According to The Associated Press, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown said Friday he believes the loss of life in Myanmar has been “far greater” than is being reported.

A Burgundy Revolution? – Time

While the official government-released death toll is 9, witness claim as many as 35 bodies from yesterday’s action lying in the streets. AP reported the possibility of 200 or more dead.


Protests in Burma

Here is a little tid bit from democracy now about whats going on in Burma

Burmese Troops Shoot at Protesters
The military junta in Burma is intensifying its two-day crackdown on the most vocal popular uprising against its rule in nearly two decades. Up to eight people have been killed over the last two days. There are now late-breaking reports Burmese troops have opened fired on a crowd of thousands assembled in central Rangoon. Military forces have also raided several monasteries, arresting an estimated five hundred monks. On Wednesday, British ambassador Mark Canning described the scene on the streets.

    British ambassador Mark Canning:“There were a series of arrests over night of pro-democracy activists. A curfew has been announced from dusk to dawn starting this evening. And I think the question then was whether all these measures would intimidate people into not marching as they have been for the last eight days. And I think the answer is that it did not. There have been many thousands of people out on the streets again.”

Meanwhile the exiled Burmese opposition leader Sein Win called for more international pressure on the junta.

    Sein Win: “The military always don’t want to talk with others. This is their way, you know. They always did it like that, in 1988, and before ’88 also. They never negotiate. They look at this as a kind of military operation, this is not a military operation, it is a political demonstration.”
    It finally seems like the U.S. may back a decent cause with their military power.  I tend to be pessimistic about this, but I hope that those that do have this power can use it for the betterment of this nation.

Cynicism and Hope conference flyer

Download one for yourself, print it off and put it in a local coffee shop, and email it to all your friends!

Cynicism and Hope conference flyer

I-69 planners on ‘High Alert’

story from Evansville Courier-Press

I-69 is essentially the NAFTA highway.

NAFTA superhighway built under the radar screen – from WorldNetDaily
NAFTA superhighways threaten North America – from Asphalt Strawberry

If completed, it would stretch from Canada to Mexico and would be a part of the corporate strategic machine for enabling the more efficient flow of goods, workers (legal and illegal), and other resources across borders. There has already long been concern about NAFTA in the unionized sector of America, and the latest bruhaha over Mexican truckers now being allowed on US roads, and it should seem a simple matter of course that I-69 would contribute mightily to the economic devastation so-called “free trade” agreements will wreak on countries with more developed economic protections, as well as provisions for labor, environmental, and occupational safety interests (lesser-developed countries without these provisions being not given the chance to develop them in order to be allowed into the international business club – of course, only on the terms set by the big players, aka the USA).

The amazing thing is that in rural southwestern Indiana, particularly in Petersburg (where I’m from), people actually believe I-69 will be a kind of economic salvation for the region. They simply don’t understand that I-69 is a cog in the NAFTA machine that has already cost thousands of people in the US their jobs, and has undermined job stability as well as labor interests all over the country. They see as their salvation the very thing that will contribute to their further devastation. I can’t say I blame them for it entirely though – hope born of desperation combined with a near-unanimous message from the mainstream media touting the putative benefits of the highway are a powerful combination.

See the Citizens for Appropriate Rural Roads web site for detailed information and studies that disprove claims that I-69 will economically benefit southwestern Indiana, as well as studies that show the truth about the potential environmental impact on the region. See the Earth First! I-69 site for information on local and regional action against the highway.

I-69 will not benefit the people of southwest Indiana nor the people of the United States; all it will do will be to increase the wealth of those whose pockets are already lined with the blood and sweat of those whom they exploit.

Unfortunately, evictions along the proposed highway route have already begun. On the brighter side, though, I didn’t even know there was an eco-anarchist scene in Indiana, and this weekend I had the privilege of meeting several of them.

Resistance is NOT futile! We will work to keep you updated on the situation and to provide more information about I-69 and the growing resistance.

Free The Jena 6. UPDATE!!!!

Great News.  Mychael Bell who was supposed to be sentence on the 20th has had the adult charges dropped.  Now he is awaiting a juvinel trial.  Thank the Lord almighty.  Here is a link to the recent update.…s/school_fight

Above is a link to a wikipedia article about the Jena 6.  There is tons of information about the trial on the internet for those who do not know about it.  In brief these kids(yes they are kids) are being tried for felony counts of assault and even attempted murder.  This is a racial motivated case as has been seen by the reaction towards all of the things the white students have done and now when the black students decide to fight back it becomes an attempted murder trial.

Mychael Bell is being sentenced on September 20 and could possibly face up to 22 years in prison for a school yard fight that resulted in a concussion and a black eye.  The victim that was “almost murdered” attended a party that same night.

My point is not to raise awareness because most have heard of this, but I am glad if some of you are learning about this for the first time.  My call is to those brothers and sisters out there that believe in the power of Christ.  I along with others will be praying all day and night that day, some will be fasting, some will be keeping vigil.  None of this is a protest, but a belief in the divine.  I urge you to call upon the strength of the holy spirit to be alive in that courtroom and across our country so that never again will we have to pray for another Jena 6.

Super Bomb!

So I just watched a little AP news cast on the new Super Bomb.

What I found interesting about the video I watched was a few things.

1. This bomb is better for the environment. Keeping up with the line of eco-friendly products coming out this fall Russia has made their bomb as powerful as a Nuke, but without the fallout or nuclear winter, yay! So at least when you and your family are maimed or dead the world will continue with non-nuclear air.

2. The U.S. was claimed to be unthreatened by this and this is not the start of a new arms race. I have to wonder though does it matter at this point if there is an arms race at all? We already have enough to destroy the world why not add enough to destroy any life in the solar system?

3. Allegedly though the people of the world should not be afraid. The report says that this is more to show the people of Russia how powerful their military is.

So my plea to Americans. Please don’t be afraid of Russia and their eco-friendly bomb. Be afraid of your own country with their environmentally unfriendly line of weapons. Perhaps we all can get the Sierra Club to start a petition to have the U.S. trade out its nuclear bombs for these eco-friendly ones? Whose with me?

The obligatory 9/11 post

I wasn’t going to do this, I was just going to let the post about Stirling Bridge stand as my statement about 9/11, but I just wrote this for my Livejournal and thought it was worth sharing here.

“Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor.” – From the Project for a New American Century’s document Rebuilding America’s Defenses

Looks like they got it.

The document quoted above is a detailed summary of a strategy to project American military power across the globe and fits in nicely with the prospect of increasing American economic domination of essentially the whole world. Indeed throughout this and other PNAC documents, as well as other writings from neoconservative thinkers throughout the 1980s, 1990s, and early 2000s the intersection of military and economic interests was argued for as an essential good or simply taken for granted. Preemptive war was touted as a strategy, and despite propaganda stating the alternative it was so clear to those in power that neoliberal (so-called “free trade”) economic policies lead to devastating economic inequalities that are likely to increase social unrest AND increase breeding grounds for potential “terrorists” that this was argued in later-declassified CIA and Defense Department documents going back to the 1990s. The neocons consistently argued that a force in Iraq would ensure stability of oil production and prices to help the US economic growth that would be necessary to sustain the project of empire (though they stopped short, so far as I am aware, of using that term).

Since 9/11 the rhetoric of terrorism and the war on terror has justified government-perpetrated atrocities, suspension of civil liberties, suppression of dissenting speech, and two stupid wars (Afghanistan and Iraq), situations where the reality and the rhetoric about why we should attack them did not often line up side-to-side. We have also seen increasing privatization of the military and its support functions. It is now estimated that, of combat personnel (that is, people who actually carry guns and shoot people), 1/3 of the “troops” in Iraq are contracted mercenaries, often referred to as “security personnel”. If you figure in the number of privatized support staff the number rises to over 1/2. These “troops” are accountable only to their corporate masters, and often they are there as a result of no-bid contracts and other shady business mechanisms. I’m sure most of you are at least somewhat familiar with the Halliburton scheme in which Dick Cheney’s former company was awarded billions in no-bid contracts, that is only one example. Rumors of graft, corruption, and human rights violations on a mass scale abound, directly linked to these corporate soldiers.

And one of the worst parts about it is the pain and suffering of those who lost loved ones in the 9/11 attacks is still being exploited to justify these atrocities. Support our troops? Yeah, support them… support them by encouraging them to apply for conscientious objector status. Support them by bringing them home, and never again sending them into harm’s way for the profit of a few fat cats and their multitude of minions. Support them by teaching them, from a young age, that the one and only purpose of a military is to steal, kill, and destroy (cf. John 10:10), and there are other options outside the military by which they might have life, and help others to have it also.

Now, with another potential war on the near horizon, this time with Iran, have we really learned anything, 6 years later? The media leads us right down the same path they did en route to Iraq, and “support the troops” is still a verbal mechanism used to squelch dissent, or at least it is in my part of the country.

Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi, miserere nobis, dona nobis pacem.

Kyrie eleison.