Super Bomb!

So I just watched a little AP news cast on the new Super Bomb.

What I found interesting about the video I watched was a few things.

1. This bomb is better for the environment. Keeping up with the line of eco-friendly products coming out this fall Russia has made their bomb as powerful as a Nuke, but without the fallout or nuclear winter, yay! So at least when you and your family are maimed or dead the world will continue with non-nuclear air.

2. The U.S. was claimed to be unthreatened by this and this is not the start of a new arms race. I have to wonder though does it matter at this point if there is an arms race at all? We already have enough to destroy the world why not add enough to destroy any life in the solar system?

3. Allegedly though the people of the world should not be afraid. The report says that this is more to show the people of Russia how powerful their military is.

So my plea to Americans. Please don’t be afraid of Russia and their eco-friendly bomb. Be afraid of your own country with their environmentally unfriendly line of weapons. Perhaps we all can get the Sierra Club to start a petition to have the U.S. trade out its nuclear bombs for these eco-friendly ones? Whose with me?