IDEM hearing on “fine particle matter”

You know, the kind that gets in your lungs and doesn’t come back out, that contributes heavily to cancer, emphysema, and other fun things. They want to make it easier for industrial pollution in the area to increase so we can breathe more of it – in an area that already compares with Los Angeles County in terms of air quality. Read on…

The Indiana Department of Environmental Management is petitioning the Environmental Protection Agency to designate our area (as well as others in Indiana) in attainment for PM2.5, the fine particle matter that gets deep into your lungs and doesn’t come back out.

You know, the kind that made the air unsafe to breathe on several occasions last year. The kind for which they call an Air Qualty Alert – but only when prompted by Valley Watch. We had a particulate alert as recently as December 31st but IDEM (and the Chamber of Commerce) think we need to clear the way for industries that will create more.

Tell ’em what you think:

Public Hearing: Southwestern Indiana Request for Redesignation and Maintenance Plan for Annual Fine Particles
When: Mar 27, 2008 5:30 PM – 9:00 PM CDT
Where: Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library, McCollough Branch, Multi-Purpose Room, 5115 Washington Avenue, Evansville, Indiana


Copied from my friend Wendy. x-posted to my Livejournal.

Edit: apparently it’s somewhat of a fluke that information has gotten out this early. Usually they wait until really soon before these things to publicize them, probably so that people who actually want to see air quality monitored more properly won’t be able to drop everything in the span of 48 hours to attend the meeting… Even the environmental reporter at the Courier and Press hadn’t heard about this yet before Wendy called him. Hmmm…

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