These files were originally hosted at the Jesus Radicals site, but there were some problems with the hosting. All these works are currently out of print, with no known plans to put them back into print, so in the interest of keeping these important writings publically available we are hosting them here. If I should learn that there are definite plans to put them back into print I will take them down from the site.

This page does NOT link to the files, in order to read them scroll down below the links on the left sidebar to the Box.net widget, just below the archive links, scroll through the box until you find the file you want, and click on it for instructions on how to display or download the file.

Works available:

Betrayal of the West
In this book Ellul asserts that many of the West’s most ardent critics are themselves products of the West, and refuse to acknowledge their debt to it. While many of the criticisms are valid, they failures are not peculiar to the West but are inherent in every civilization as it grows.

The Humiliation of the Word
In this book Ellul argues that “Images” are limited to the realm of the material and the practical and cannot probe the depths of human experience, to go beyond the surface of reality. Therefore a society based on image will be a shallow society, incapable of finding deep truths. A society based upon “Word” however, has been debased inour culture, but is able to cnvey truth like images can’t. It is open to interpetation and is flexible.

Jesus and Marx
Ellul examines the attempt to mix Christianity with Marxist thought. He reviews several liberation theology books and exposes the weaknesses of so-called “Marxist Christianity” (which he says is neither Marxist or Christian). Ellul argues that the biblical perspective is anti-political, leaving Christian Anarchism as the realistic revolutionary option. (The last chapter is entitled Anarchy and Christianity and is a good supplement to the book by the same name.)

Money and Power
Rich or poor, we all face the problem of money. But is money chiefly a personal problem, how we use our own resources? Or a societal problem, how we organize the economy? Jacques Ellul exposes the folly of a purely societal approach-whether communism, collectivism, socialism or capitalism-and argues for individual responsibility. Money, he says, is not neutral, something we can use as we like. Instead it is a powerful agent that sets itself against God’s kingdom. Tracing the scriptural attitudes toward wealth from Old Testament sacramentalism through New Testament renunciation, he challenges Christians to live by the law of grace and not by the law of the marketplace. (Comments from back of printed book.)

The Technological Bluff
Ellul sets forth an updated and new critique of Technology, claiming that technology is not neutral, it has a price, and it often causes more problems than it solves, and much more.

The Technological System
A must read in Technological critique.

To Will and to Do: An Ethical Research for Christians


What I Believe
Jacques Ellul summarizes his beliefs, ranging from technology, universalism, dialectic etc.

Various Articles
This is selection of articles from various journals and books that are now out of print in which Ellul wrote on various topics. The following articles are available individually:

1. “Christian Responsibility for Nature and Freedom” from Cross Currents, Spring 1985 pp. 49-53.
2. “Technique and the Opening Chapters of Genesis” from Theology and Technology, edited by Carl Mitcham and Jim Grote, 1984 University of America Press, Lanham, MD. pp. 123-137.
3. “On Nuremberg” Translated and edited (extensively) by Katherine Temple and published in April/May 2002 Edition of Catholic Worker (New York City) page 4. This article originally appeared in Verbum Caro, August 1947.
4. “Between Chaos and Paralysis” from Christian Century June 5, 1968 pp. 747-750
5. “Mirror of These Ten Years from Christian Century February 18, 1970 pp. 200-204
6. “From the Bible to a history of Non-Work” from Cross Currents Spring, 1985 pp. 43-48
7. “Cain, the Theologian of 1969” from Katallagete: Be Reconciled 2 (Winter 1968-1969), pp. 4-7
8. “Christianity, Morality, and the Victimization of Women” from The Other Side, Sept. 1987, pp.16-25
9. “On the Cultural and Social Factors Influencing Church Division” from Ecumenical Review, Vol. 24:3, April 1952, pp.269-75


The truth is found in the violence of love, that is, in “Spiritual Violence:” It rejects all human means of winning a victory or registering effects. It totally excludes physical or psychological violence. It is based upon faith in the Lordship of Jesus Christ.


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