Wendell Berry quote

“The work of the executive is… as unproductive and as spiritually desolate as that of the garbage collector. Indeed, depending upon the toxicity and persistence of the products and by-products [produced and sold under the executive’s oversight], it may be more so. Certainly, by any standard, to haul garbage away is more virtuous than to manufacture it.” — from “Racism and the Economy”, 1988.


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  1. Hi Jason,
    It’s been a long time since I’ve visited your site- I lost the bookmark awhile back when we were having computer trouble and life has been busy. I remembered it because I’ve become interested in the work and life of Ivan Illich, not sure why the name rang a bell and made me think of your site, but thanks for posting all those great links to deschooling and unschooling. I’ve started a light hearted blog about practical ways our family is seeking to embody the alternatives to the elitist run institutions of the state. Well, it’s more subtly put than that, since some of my family who don’t agree with my politics are also contributors, but our (my nuclear family’s) desire is to be constructive anarchists- by showing the alternatives to be so inspiring and freeing that people will be equipped to escape the prison of consumer/producer servitude and entertainment numbed existence. We’re still trying to figure out how ourselves, but we’re making progress. Love for you to stop by sometime at http://www.pollidoo.blogspot.com

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