Rewriting “Anarchy” page

As you may have noticed, the tab at the top of my blog that read “Anarchy” has been changed to “Christ-archy”. That is because since I started this blog my thinking has evolved somewhat, and I desire to change the content of some of the articles to which those tabs link to reflect that evolution. Since those articles are always linked at the top of the page, they provide a kind of framework that informs (or ought to inform) one’s reading of the articles I post from day-to-day in the blog. Therefore, I think I ought to edit them to reflect my changed understanding from the times at which I originally wrote them. It is also the case that I’m less happy with the way some parts of them read than others, so I want to tweak them a bit.

The only change I’ve made so far is to change the title from “Anarchy” to “Christ-archy” and add this paragraph to the beginning:

I used to consider myself an “anarchist Christian”, or a “Christian anarchist”, or however you want to put it, but the term I prefer for myself now is “Christ-archist”. “Christ-archy” should not be confused with desiring a theocracy, but what it does mean is that I absolutely, unequivocally believe the God revealed in Jesus Christ to be the source of all authority, and the one to whom all authority is accountable. Any authority that does not submit itself to God and seek to operate according to the politics of Jesus is illegitimate. Since I’m not aware of many earthly authorities who do this, that means there are a lot of bastard governments (and corporations, other economic entities, and social organizations) running around out there!

When I have finished a substantial portion of the rewrite I will post a notice and invite people to comment and perhaps suggest further changes. Shalom!


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