sorting things out

A lot of what I’ve been thinking and writing lately has definitely been influenced by the sorts of thinking I try to flesh out here, but it’s been more of a… “pastoral” nature, I suppose, more “meditative” than “theological”, or something like that. I’ve started writing more of those things on the blog at the Ecclesia site. These are questions I’ve been tossing around that might relate more to concrete praxis than to more theoretical concerns, which is probably more what I’ve been doing here.

I still want to blog here about theology and politics and whatnot (though I haven’t so much lately), and it would probably be more appropriate to keep my more “pastoral” sorts of writings to the church blog and the other stuff here since I am, well, kind of a pastor of the church. I think I will add an RSS widget to the site here so that way if people want they can keep up with my other musings.

Eventually more people than just me will be writing on the church blog, at least from time to time, but for now I have run of the place. I can’t wait to get some more voices involved! 🙂


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