More quotes

This time from Robert Brimlow’s What About Hitler? Wrestling with Jesus’ Call to Nonviolence in an Evil World.

“The main difficulty in accepting the implications of our call to be peacemakers is our fear of death and dying, born of a weakness of faith.”


“The gospel is clear and simple, and I know what the response to the Hitler question must be. And I desperately want to avoid this conclusion. … We must repay evil with good; and we must be peacemakers. This may also mean as a result that the evildoers will kill us. Then, we shall also die. That’s it. There is nothing else…. We are called to live the kingdom as he proclaimed it and be his disciples, come what may.”


One Response

  1. Interesting quotes. I think I remember some similar of same quotes from this book used in “Jesus for President.” I look forward to hearing more from your sermon. It can be hard to look at the case of Nazi Germany and think “How could peacemaking work?” But at the same time, you can look at Gandhi and think “How was peacemaking able to work there?” I don’t like to think of nonviolence as pacifism. To me, nonviolence can be civil disobedience. It can be standing in front of column of tanks and not backing down.

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