Greg Boyd and Christian anarchism

Some of you may be familiar with Greg Boyd, senior pastor of Woodland Hills Church in St. Paul, Minnesota, open theism advocate, and author of several books including Letters from a Skeptic, God at War, and God of the Possible.

His recent book The Myth of a Christian Nation, challenges the widespread notion in the United States that the way for Christians to influence society is to wield political power, and explicitly challenges the connection between Christianity and the Right. The book was based on material he used for a sermon series at Woodland Hills, and I’ve been told (from an unverified source, I must admit) that quite a significant number of people left the church over the series.

I was first introduced to Boyd’s work my freshman year in college when a friend loaned me Letters from a Skeptic as an recommended introduction to apologetic discussion. Since then I’ve read several of his books and have developed a strong affinity for both the open view of God and a warfare-oriented theodicy, though there are probably a lot of things I would formulate differently than does he (for example my conception of the Biblical powers is more related to the discussion in Walter Wink’s Powers trilogy). So you could say he’s been a companion of sorts for me on the journey I’ve taken over the past few years.

In the past few days Boyd has written a couple of articles on his blog that explore anarchism and Christianity. They’re both well worth reading, his writing style is very personable and he has a gift for communicating complex thoughts in language that is more easily accessible for those of us who have not yet attained advanced theology degrees. Additionally, he and I have emailed back and forth a bit on the subject, and though the relationship between Christianity and radical ideas is still a pretty new area of investigation for him it seems to me there’s a lot from the areas he’s already heavily explored (especially his ideas on spiritual warfare) that lead very well into the topic. His articles on the subject are well worth checking out for some basic introduction to important issues of Christianity and anarchy, and his blog is a good read in general. I definitely recommend you check him out. His website is still under construction, but there’s a link to his old site that has tons of good content.


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  1. greg is the bomb! i enjoyed reading your thoughts.

    blessings from the slippery slope,

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