Apparently, I’m an apostate

Is that anything like being an apostle, I wonder? 😉

According to the people at Christian Research Network I get categorized as “apostate” because of my affinity for Catholic thought and being linked with an emerging church-related site (Jesus Manifesto). It seems, based on what little I was able to glean from the not-entirely-coherent post and linked page, as if I’m part of the global one-world-government-religion conspiracy.

That sounds awfully compatible with anarchism to me, how about you?

I find it incredibly interesting that evidence of the Jesus Manifesto interest in Catholicism includes a link to the New Monasticism site – they’re not even Catholic! Not to mention the way they totally took a snippet from my series on Anarchy and Christianity out of context… I don’t think they have any idea what I’m talking about. I can’t say for sure, though… because the post is incoherent to the point where I can’t say I’m quite sure what they’re talking about.

edit: apparently this item did not originate with CRN, but with another site called Watcher’s Lamp.


7 Responses

  1. Yeah, kinda reminds me of the old song “What Are Words For?” by Missing Persons. 😎

  2. That article is so incoherent I didn’t actually understand what point it was trying to make… it SEEMED like they were trying to disparage you, but even in statements that seemed like sarcasm, I had to look from a distance with a tilted head and squinted eyes in the right kind of light to see if they actually were attempted sarcasm.

    And I still couldn’t figure it out.

    If these guys were trying to slander you…. there isn’t a jury in the world who would convict them. They’d probably charge them with stupidity first.

  3. I don’t understand those conservative protestants. At the first time they criticise emergent church because it tries to appart itself from historical church…, and then, they criticise catholic church (maybe the most “historical” one).

  4. that’s big time – getting attacked by the attack dogs of Christianity.


    but even more congrats on the more important things – getting engaged and getting accepted to grad school!

  5. LOL I tried to wade through that post and…just…what? Yeah.

    Congrats on the criticism though… some people, ya just wouldn’t think much good of your efforts if they *did* agree with them. Now all you need is an infestation of uberconservative Protestant trolls telling you how hellbound you are, and you’re officially running with the big dogs.

  6. Sounds like whoever wrote that is trying to protect the world from those who would undo the Reformation by utilizing the usual strategy of casting about vaguely in their systematic theologically organized experience for some category to associate you with, thus proving beyond a doubt your dogmatic degenerateness so that they are able to dismiss you more easily, rather than engaging in any kind of fruitful dialog.

  7. Hi.
    I wrote a four part response on my blog to various people who were criticizing Jesus Manifesto and Mark on my blog. I tried to start dialogue with them, but they really are not responding.

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