New look!

As I’m sure you’ve noticed if you’re an old reader, I’ve made some substantial changes to the site look – most notably the template change and banner image.

I’ve also added several more links to the sidebar, including splitting the media section into blog and site categories and expanding several sections, particularly the equality links, consumer culture, politik sites, creation care, adding a few resistance and corporate watch sites, and starting new sections on peace, justice, and economics. The peace section consists largely of sites related to conscientious objection though I plan to add more general anti-war links. Justice mainly has to do with critiques of the prison system, though I intend to add critical links for other aspects of the “criminal justice” system as well. Economics has a lot of links to Z sub-pages with a few other odds and ends, though hopefully I’ll be able to expand it also – including links that provide more rounded criticism of capitalism and even discussion of some positive aspects of it.

I will hopefully also add links about alternative education, deschooling, and related topics in the future, as well as any other topic that seems important to discuss. Eventually I hope to have a pretty nice compilation of links on various topics related to public and social issues, as well as resources to help discuss these matters in relation to faith and discipleship.

I hope you find the linked resources as helpful and stimulating as I am!


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