s(l)i(gh)t/e remodeling

As you may have noticed, I’ve done a bit of cleaning and reorganizing of the links on the right sidebar. I’ve tried to reorganize the categories to reflect more accurately the sorts of things we discuss here, and I’ve added a category for links related to a discussion of equality issues. I especially plan to expand the equality links, as right now I have links to four primarily gender-related blogs (though they do often discuss other politically-related topics as well as issues of equality beyond gender issues) and one article on engaging privilege. I would like to add links to blogs and sites that discuss racial and class issues as well as an LGBT/Q – oriented site or two. I also plan to expand the sites related to corporations and add a section on the media.

Thank you for your patience as I try to build a catalog of links that will lead us to interesting and important discussions as well as increase our awareness of the things with which we ought to grapple as a part of our journey of discipleship.


2 Responses

  1. Oh, my poor neglected blog! I keep saying I’m going to update and then I don’t and there it languishes, and you’re putting me to shame. *lol* I need to take about a 48-hour nap and then maybe I will be wakeful enough to focus for that long.

    Re: the topic at hand… may I highly recommend angryblackbitch.blogspot.com for race/gender and bilerico.com for GLBTQ (Bilerico came in second in a recent award for the category)

  2. Thanks for the links – I added them both and I’ve started working on the media category.

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