The War on Democracy

I’m sorry for the recent lack of content, things have been pretty busy lately (surprise, surprise). I’ve been meaning to make a theological post and it just hasn’t happened yet. I have some thoughts on dominion and Genesis 1 I’d really like to flesh out.

In the meantime, enjoy filmmaker John Pilger’s masterful documentary showing how, despite rhetoric about spreading democracy around the world, the US is actually doing its best to stifle democratic progress.

Talking exclusively to American government officials, including agents who reveal for the first time on film how the CIA ran its war in Latin America in the 80s, Pilger argues that true popular democracy is more likely to be found among the poorest in Latin America, whose movements are often ignored in the West.

Since YouTube has a 10-minute limit on videos, the film is broken up into 10 segments, each of which is below because I couldn’t figure out how to embed the playlist that would allow it to play all 10 segments in a row.












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