I-69 planners on ‘High Alert’

story from Evansville Courier-Press

I-69 is essentially the NAFTA highway.

NAFTA superhighway built under the radar screen – from WorldNetDaily
NAFTA superhighways threaten North America – from Asphalt Strawberry

If completed, it would stretch from Canada to Mexico and would be a part of the corporate strategic machine for enabling the more efficient flow of goods, workers (legal and illegal), and other resources across borders. There has already long been concern about NAFTA in the unionized sector of America, and the latest bruhaha over Mexican truckers now being allowed on US roads, and it should seem a simple matter of course that I-69 would contribute mightily to the economic devastation so-called “free trade” agreements will wreak on countries with more developed economic protections, as well as provisions for labor, environmental, and occupational safety interests (lesser-developed countries without these provisions being not given the chance to develop them in order to be allowed into the international business club – of course, only on the terms set by the big players, aka the USA).

The amazing thing is that in rural southwestern Indiana, particularly in Petersburg (where I’m from), people actually believe I-69 will be a kind of economic salvation for the region. They simply don’t understand that I-69 is a cog in the NAFTA machine that has already cost thousands of people in the US their jobs, and has undermined job stability as well as labor interests all over the country. They see as their salvation the very thing that will contribute to their further devastation. I can’t say I blame them for it entirely though – hope born of desperation combined with a near-unanimous message from the mainstream media touting the putative benefits of the highway are a powerful combination.

See the Citizens for Appropriate Rural Roads web site for detailed information and studies that disprove claims that I-69 will economically benefit southwestern Indiana, as well as studies that show the truth about the potential environmental impact on the region. See the Earth First! I-69 site for information on local and regional action against the highway.

I-69 will not benefit the people of southwest Indiana nor the people of the United States; all it will do will be to increase the wealth of those whose pockets are already lined with the blood and sweat of those whom they exploit.

Unfortunately, evictions along the proposed highway route have already begun. On the brighter side, though, I didn’t even know there was an eco-anarchist scene in Indiana, and this weekend I had the privilege of meeting several of them.

Resistance is NOT futile! We will work to keep you updated on the situation and to provide more information about I-69 and the growing resistance.


3 Responses

  1. I thought you might find this article in The Nation interesting:


  2. Yea but it benifits the NAU and the NWO and all the rich bankers and industrialists. So it must be good for America – right?


  3. Yes, Dustin, it’s interesting, but it seems to me like it more addresses the “paranoid conspiracy theory” version of the “NAFTA highway” idea. I don’t hold to a conspiracy theory, rather I see the highway as both an outcome and enabler of the effects of NAFTA-style economic integration. It’s much more complex than conspiracy theorists would think, and probably much less centrally-planned – though not necessarily less sinister (and possibly even more so). Unfortunately I didn’t make my view all that clear in the original post.

    The Nation article is worth reading, though, and perhaps I’ll have time to address it in the future.

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