Free The Jena 6. UPDATE!!!!

Great News.  Mychael Bell who was supposed to be sentence on the 20th has had the adult charges dropped.  Now he is awaiting a juvinel trial.  Thank the Lord almighty.  Here is a link to the recent update.…s/school_fight

Above is a link to a wikipedia article about the Jena 6.  There is tons of information about the trial on the internet for those who do not know about it.  In brief these kids(yes they are kids) are being tried for felony counts of assault and even attempted murder.  This is a racial motivated case as has been seen by the reaction towards all of the things the white students have done and now when the black students decide to fight back it becomes an attempted murder trial.

Mychael Bell is being sentenced on September 20 and could possibly face up to 22 years in prison for a school yard fight that resulted in a concussion and a black eye.  The victim that was “almost murdered” attended a party that same night.

My point is not to raise awareness because most have heard of this, but I am glad if some of you are learning about this for the first time.  My call is to those brothers and sisters out there that believe in the power of Christ.  I along with others will be praying all day and night that day, some will be fasting, some will be keeping vigil.  None of this is a protest, but a belief in the divine.  I urge you to call upon the strength of the holy spirit to be alive in that courtroom and across our country so that never again will we have to pray for another Jena 6.


3 Responses

  1. If it were six white students that lynched a black student, you’d be shitting yourself if they weren’t thrown in jail for life.

    It was six black students that lynched a white student, and you’re pissed that they might face any charges whatsoever.

  2. There were no lynchings involved. I would be just as outraged if anyone was thrown in jail merley out of prejudice. So I am not sure exactly how else to answer because there were no lynchings involved.

  3. If it were six white students who lynched a black student there is every chance we would not have known anything about it. It very likely would not have made the news. Lynchings still happen. When is the last time you heard of one?
    The last time I heard of a lynching was in August of 2000, while travleing through Mississippi. It never made the news. It was in fact decided by the local law to have been a suicide.
    This isn’t about these six kids. It is about us waking up to the reality that we haven’t really overcome anything since 1964. Improvements, perhaps, but not overcome.
    I have yet to hear one white resident of Jena say they thought this was anything but overblown. Six kids charged with trying to commit murder is certainly overblown but I do not think that is what any of them meant.

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