a brief on the nature and limits of counterculture

Absolution Revolution has moved! You can read this article at http://absolutionrevolution.com/blog/2007/02/23/a-brief-on-the-nature-and-limits-of-counterculture/


2 Responses

  1. You are bright and well-educated, but you’re too enamored of your own voice, your own words, and your own ideas. This is dangerous. “Ssshhh… Don’t talk so much.

    What schools (Higher education) did you go to? Whom do you like to read, if I may ask? Me? I read, mostly, non-fiction these days. For the past 10 years or so, for some reason or other, I have intellectually craved non-fiction. I think it has to do with the century we just went through. Some century, man! The 20th century: first in a line moving away–at last–from superstition and ignorance; childhood’s end, to quote someone else. It has to be. We’ve gotta grow up. It’s time, kid. Words. Chomsky. Shannon. Weiner. Shakespeare, Korzybski. You know I used to think English was a Romance Language? Germanic. No such luck. Words are the matter, that’s what. Stop using them! Just say no. And stop this A or not-A kind of thinking. Is reality discrete or continous, at bottom? Both, of course. Complementarity, check into it. Onestone, however, makes a singularity. Maybe this is too bohring? Well met, in any event.

  2. Wow. You did it. You actually achieved brevity! I’m so proud. *tear*


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