well, this is one way to fight economic injustice

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  1. I think we should speak into the politics of the world, but not necessarily align ourselves with it. Speak against injustice in government, but not take control of it. Adin Ballou wrote in his pamphlet Learn to Discriminate:

    7. Learn to discriminate between God’s providential ordaining, ordering, and overruling “the powers that be,” and his moral approval of them. Providentially, God ordains, orders and overrules all kinds of government, for the highest good of the world. But he never morally approves of anything in government, or rulers, but what is in itself morally right. In his overruling providence, he ordained the Pharaoh’s tyranny and oppression should facilitate the emancipation of the Israelites, and their final settlement in Palestine, for his own glory and the good of the human race. But he condemned and punished Pharaoh and his counselors for those very acts which he turned to so good an account. Because in them all was wickedness. They meant it unto evil. He ordained and overruled for good the election or a king over Israel, when they would have one, though at the same time he rebuked them for their rebellion against him in desiring such a ruler, and foretold them that they would suffer grievously for their folly. He ordained and overruled the Kingdom of Assyria,. and made old Nebuchadnezzar his minister to chastise the corrupt Israelites by war and captivity. Assyria was the rod in his hand, and Nebuchadnezzar his battle-axe. But Assyria meant no such thing, and Nebuchadnezzar acted only from the most wicked impulses of his own heart. Therefore God did good with him without his knowing it, and in due time punished him according to his moral deserts. Just so Herod, Pilate, Nero, Robespierre, and our own heartless pro- slavery rulers, are powers ordained, ordered, and overruled of God for good to mankind – unconscious ministers of his pleasure to promote the wise ends of his benevolent providence, and yet not a whit the less guilty in his sight, punishable before his judgment seat, and deserving the utter disfellowship of Christians. Because Nero was providentially God’s minister for good to Christendom, he was not therefore the less guilty for his cruel persecutions. He cut off Paul’s head and God turned it to the good of Paul and mankind. But he damned Nero none the less for committing the crime. Once seen, these things are all plain. Learn therefore to discriminate. When you hear the enemies of Non-Resistance quoting a string of texts about being “subject to the powers that be,” “submitting to every ordinance of man for the Lord’s sake,” being “subject to principalities and powers,” &c., &c., remember that none of those texts contradict the doctrine of Christian Non-Resistance at all.

    I think the major difference between Moral Majority and Sojourners is the latter speaks about keeping both sides accountable. However, over the last few months they have increasingly moved towards to same look as the Right. The latest cover has a “presidential hopeful” on the cover…

    I did just watch Steal This Movie last night, and it was really good.

  2. I’ve been trying to post a response to this for a week, but have yet been able to really articulate my knee-jerk response of “that’s exactly the same” because, like most things-its not exactly the same.

    My discomfort with Sojourners isn’t much different than my discomfort with the Religious Right-I come away from both groups feeling like a demographic there to be exploited. As I admited, there’s a certain degree of reacting at play. I’m always a bit uncomfortable questioning the motivations of others, even when I’ve already made up my mind.

    You pose a really complicated question, and in order to address it in a useful way, I’d probably need to be more honest with myself than I’m prepared to be at this point. It’s so much easier for me to shrug and say, “Yeah, but we’re all working towards the same goal in different ways” but I know that’s intellectually dishonest on my part.

    Made me think though.

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