battle of the sexes and creation

Absolution Revolution has moved! You can read this article at


4 Responses

  1. Woman comes out of man, but all subsequent men come out of women. How ironic.

  2. This morning I was reading JI Packer about wisdom. I was thinking: Wisdom is given the gender of female in scripture (Proverbs 1:20, etc). Wisdom is an attribute of God. The thought follows this came course.

  3. Right. It seems axiomatic to me that if, as it says in Genesis 1, God created man AND woman in the imago Dei, then God must both possess and transcend attributes we ascribe as feminine and masculine. How can one part of the image of God be superior to another?

  4. I liked the small Hebrew lesson here. There’s also more I would prefer not to talk about on here.

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