A little more on Terrell Owens, peace protesting, and the media

Absolution Revolution has moved! You can read this article at http://absolutionrevolution.com/blog/2006/10/02/a-little-more-on-terrell-owens-peace-protesting-and-the-media/


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  1. We focus only on our narrow self-interest, everything else is entertainment.

    Indeed we do, brother, indeed we do…..

    T.O. is fascinating to me b/c he is an example (one amongst many) of the media creating a story where a story would ordinarily not be of any significant interest. For example, the mass media runs 24/7 coverage of TO’s suppossed suicide attempt and interviews everyone and anyone on the Cowboys or close to TO. The mediots then turn around and criticize TO for distracting his team! All the while the guy has just been sitting in the hospital! I’m not saying TO is free of blame…just that the media hype is its own creation…..

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