two quotes on American politics and economics

Absolution Revolution has moved! You can see this article at


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  1. In later years, Kennan was hailed as some sort of folk-hero for changing his position on nuclear weapons-yet few of those so quick to sing his praises will acknowledge that this was the same man who so openly stated his contempt for human beings as in the paper you quote from above. To my knowledge, that didn’t change.

    I picked-up a copy of Kennan’s autobiography a few months ago but have yet to read it. I suspect it will be one of those books where I mutter obscenities with each turn of the page followed by “liar.”

    I mean, if we still need an answer for “Why do they (which is starting to encompass most of the world)hate us?” we could begin with the arrogance of our foreign policies that view human beings and their resources as there for the sole purpose of being exploited by us.

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