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  1. I was in High School when Braveheart came out and I happened to be taking piano lessons from a woman whose family has deep Scottish roots. Her son and I would talk every now and then, and it turned out he had a degree or two in history, and had studied his own Scottish history rather intensely.

    I asked him about the historicity of that movie and he said it was mostly pretty true except for the whole “rallying speach” thing that the William Wallace character does from time to time: that is a total Hollywood invention. One of the reasons for why they wouldn’t need a motivation moment had to do with something really interesting:

    that blue paint on their face.

    He said that stuff was real and it was a combination of a stimulant, hallucinogen, and anti-septic, all in one. So, they were all so strung out that they wouldn’t need any particular motivating ‘reason’ to bash their enemies’ heads in. It would also explain why they probably didn’t care if they were outnumbered.

    Hope you enjoyed my randomness today 😛



  2. Huh. That’s pretty interesting! I mean, I’ve read a bit about the history of the “real” William Wallace (a lot of the story for Braveheart was adapted from a late medieval biography… I forget exactly which one…) but I’d never heard about the paint. Pretty cool.

    Though apparently it didn’t make them crazy enough to forgo good sense when facing a larger army – see the Wikipedia article and its description of their restraint in waiting until a decently large force had crossed the bridge before they annihilated them and turned the English army to panic.

    Good stuff, man, good stuff. Interestingly, I’m related to the Dunbar clan. So the battle previous to Stirling in which the Scots were badly beaten was on my family’s land, so to speak. Not to mention one of my ancestors kind of exacerbated the whole thing by suggesting that Edward I mediate the dispute over the Scottish throne just prior to the wars for Scottish independence… but then there was also Black Agnes, who was pretty cool, so I guess it evens out.

  3. Wallace did, in fact, shoot fireballs from his eyes, and lightening bolts from his ass. That part is historically accurate.

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