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  1. Sorry about the spam filter-this is a new blog host so it might take a while to figure out the problem.

    The Des Moines group are upsetting the Feds by bearing witness at the gates of STRATCOM. In the past, they had to tolerate it, now they can slap the “terrorism” label on the group and start files.

    As a few of the members noted when the domestic spying came to light-they must be doing something right if they are viewed as a threat to the agenda.

  2. One of my close friends is now in the Army dismantling bombs and other various exploding murder devices. During the clearance process they have a dude interview people. I was called, but he left a voicemail. I called back and left a voicemail for him, but he never called me back. I wonder what would have happened if I did talk to him. He was down with the “anti-flag” stuff back in the day (seriously, he was the last person I expected to sign up).

  3. Yes, well… I mean, you fly planes into buildings and kill a bunch of people, you just piss off the beast, and you feed it. Make it stronger. If you love people and show them Jesus… someone’s heart just might get changed. THAT’S where the real power is.

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