The Future of Food

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  1. Engineered foods have been around for a very long time – which is why we can enjoy seedless bananas/grapes/melon/etc – and I’ll be honest, I never thought anything of it until about two years ago. My daughter began her period much younger than she should have, and in speaking to our family doctor as well as personal research, I discovered the correlation between North American dairy consumption, and its health effect, especially on our children. Now it seems like common sense that no other mammal consumes milk right into adolescence and adulthood, much less the hormone-laden concoction we guzzle in mass quantities. “Got Glandular Excretions?”

    I’ll take a look at the movie you suggested, which I’ve found on Google Video:
    Speaking of public health and so forth, here’s another little video I found interesting, briefly discussing a book about a very long-standing debate:

  2. It was a good documentary. Not in terms of production, but in what it had to say and the research that went into it. It’s pretty amazing. I showed it to my mom (who is a conservative sheep) and she was blown away too.

    You pretty much can’t trust corporations because they only have one goal – to make money. You can’t trust government because they’re owned by the corporations. Why else would the USDA recommend margerine over butter when it’s banned in other countries (like Canada)? Because corn is our production, and that’s how we make margerine, corn syrup, etc. Our government recently pressured Mexico to inport more corn syrup because the inport/export ratio of mexican sugar cane to US corn syrup was off balanced. But Mexico doesn’t want corn syrup, and neither does most of the world.

    It’s ridiculous.

    As far as the milk issue is concerned, the hormones in the milk is an issue, but it’s not the only one. Milk itself is fine, as long as it is not hormone tainted,a nd the butterfat remains. The human pancreas doesn’t handle milk very well, but the butterfat breaks down the protein and makes it easy to ingest. Of course our government would tell us skim milk or non-fat milk is better for you, but that’s absolutely wrong. I use raw milk (non-pasturized, non-homogenized, hormone-free), and if i can’t get that it’s organic or rbt free.

  3. Interesting. I sure wish I had gone to see it anyways even if I ws late.

  4. […] and production because we’ve given them control over every aspect of our lives (see my Future of Food article for a bit more on corporate power dynamics and the end goal of the […]

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