Definition of the state

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  1. I hope you don’t mind but I added you to my links.

  2. […] owners, for the mutual protection of their own interests, to the developments in America and modern political theorists’ conception of the nation-state as an entity that exists to control…, the history modern political development can very easily be read as of the development of […]

  3. Maybe (in a very little extent), a few calvinist ideas related to the notion of independent church comunities rather than an official church could have developed a little of “democratic feelings” among some of the XVI century puritans.

    BUt you’re very right at saying “Locke was probably the most influential force on the ideas of civic formation of the American founders (not Christianity, as is believed by many conservative Christians).” I wish someday some of those conservative christinas may understand this.

    Blessings from Colombia

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